Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I order my cake?

To start the order process, Please sent an email to containing all the following information.  You can also contact me on 087-6486235,

The Date of your Event

The Occasion of your event (wedding, birthday, christening Anniversary)
The Event  Location, delivery address  Or Collection time.
How many people you wish to serve.
Your contact number or email address.
An idea of what kind of cake design you wish to have.

Do you ice my wedding cake?

Yes we can ice your own baked fruit or chocolate biscuit cake, but however please note that it sometimes the
price can be as much a making a cake as the of the cost is based on the number of hours we spend on decorating your cake.

Do You Deliver?

Yes we can deliver our all our cakes.
Deliveries outside a 10 mile radius are charged a fee for delivery.
We will need to know where your reception or event will be held to Quote for this service.


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